Download PowerGlot version 2.2

PowerGlot 2.2 is supported for Mac OS X only. If you are using Mac OS 9 or other, you can get the last compatible version of PowerGlot (2.1.2).
To install PowerGlot, simply copy its folder from the disk image file to your hard drive.


PowerGlot-2.2.dmg   Disk image file for Mac OS X
PowerGlot-2.1.2.img.sit   Disk image file for Mac OS 8/9 compressed with Stuffit


PowerGlot 2.2 Release Notes
PowerGlot 2.2 can run on Mac OS X only. This version has been tested on Mac OS X 10.3.9 and Mac OS X 10.4.7.

Please keep in mind that if you purchased version 1.x older, you will need a new serial key to be able to use this latest version. You can upgrade to the newest version for USD 99 per seat. Please see the ReadMe First file for details.

This version is a free upgrade to customers of PowerGlot 2.x.

Issues fixed since last release
- PowerGlot is now compatible with Intel-based Macs (it is still a PowerPC software, but issues occurring on Intel-based machines has been addressed).
- Fixed an issue with PowerGlot not always properly detecting the encoding in .strings files (UTF-8, UTF-16 big endian, UTF-16 little endian). Added encoding detection to .nib files proc- essing, as Intel-based Macs output UTF-16 little endian files.
- Several other bug and stability fixes.