PowerGlot Mac Application

About This Tool

PowerGlot is a simple to operate solution for software localization. It comes the fast of working on Mac operating system to coders willing to make their product suitable in the source languages of all their users from the globe, and is made for use by both translators and developers.

PowerGlot exports the naked text from your programs, lets you translate it by choice, then creates the localized applications for you, all of this with using a simple friendly user interface.

This latest version of 2.2 runs on single Mac OS X (version 10.2 and above) and can perform on legacy Mac OS Classic as well (OS 9) and Mac OS X apps (including Interface Builder and localizable string files).

Costless Tool for Localization

Simple & Powerful
PowerGlot gives you an unique user interface for application localization. Create a new database and add the tool to translate into it. It extracts, rearranges and presents all the text inside in the program in a capacious way. All your naked text is just here done, nicely staged in sorted lists, in a single window. Just select it, translate it, then click a button and you're done!
Locating your software has never been so fast.

To make it one step forward, PowerGlot includes a dictionary mechanism to help you automatically translate similar terms across all of your translation open or finished projects. It supports all system scripts (single-byte or double-byte) and Input methods (for eastern Asia languages...)

Automatic Solution
PowerGlot is a scriptable program as well. You can lightly build AppleScripts to included PowerGlot in your programming process and automate almost all tasks connected to creating or updating databases. Total count of AppleScripts and AppleScript Studio apps (including their source code) are given with the tool, providing programs to import dictionaries from other environments.

Last one but not smallest, PowerGlot is awere how to open and translate Mac Classic apps, PowerPlant resources for programs created with Metrowerks CodeWarrior, Interface Builder (.nib) files and chosen string files (.strings) on Mac X as well as Palm operating system resource data files for programmers of Palm applications.

To know more about the product, read the technical details policy included inside download archive. This page explains some of the most using options of PowerGlot. You can check the screenshots page which teaches you how the software works and looks like.

Users who wants to do more complicated tasks with PowerGlot may read the included PDF manual (Comes with tool) which provides help desk about setting up complex databases for large software solutions.

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Assortment & Pricing

PowerGlot is distributed online way only.

After downloading the program, you can use it as an evaluation copy (it will not create localized files), until you buy its license. Instructions how to buy are included in the PowerGlot distribution. You can buy the app with a credit card directly or by PayPal. Email us to send you instructions and purchase link. E-mail address: info@powerglot.com

License for one user is 149 USD.
Upgrades from version 1.x and above are priced 99 USD per update.